Fetching Rejects Relaunch: From Our Closets To Yours

If you're new here, welcome to Fetching Rejects! And if you've been here before, thanks for coming back! As we relaunch, we will continue to bring to you some of our most fetching rejects, only this time around we promise to offer you more insight into our individual personal styles, offer a bit fashion advice, as well as, give you the latest scoop on what we're fetching for our growing closets. We welcome you into our fashion world, all while allowing you to shop our previously treasured, unique pieces.

As thrifters and vintage hounds, we believe in giving clothes a new life. What doesn't fit our needs anymore may very well suit your style just fine. So as we find new homes for our gently-loved belongings we also strive to maintain reasonable prices. After all, we're all in this game for the love of fashion ... not going broke! And since we want you to envision these items in a new light and incorporate them into your wardrobe and lifestyle, we try to style every piece. Welcome to the new Fetching Rejects, where you will not only receive great style tips and fashion advice, but also shop simultaneously!

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